Secure and transparent decentralized applications for everyone

A secure operating system for decentralized applications. Develop and keep track of your resources on any distributed ledger with confidence.

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Real Time Updates

Keep track of all transactions that happen in your network. Daohub will automatically translate each transaction and inform you about changes in applications and resources important to you.

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Resource Monitoring

Daohub knows which resources are present and what changes take place with every transaction.

Resources are abstracted as files, and include detailed information about thier format, size and data so you’ll understand the changes that occured at any specific place and time.

Build and upgrade without fear

Built-in Security and Verification

Without a security model, developers and users live today in fear of losing everything, but this doesn’t need to continue.

With the Beaker security protocol, every resource is isolated and protected, even after an upgrade.

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Key Features

Universal security and transparency

Get started with a robust security model and framework. Develop decentralized applications with strict resource isolation and continous verification.

Keep track of all changes

Daohub keeps track of all past and present transactions, state changes and events that occur in the ledger - so you don’t have to.

Any network, public or private

Access any application on any public or private Ethereum network, including mainnet or kovan - or connect your own.

Streamlined Auditing Services

Save money and time with a robust model for resource isolation. Audit and verify your system in separate components that can be signed by you or independent auditors and developers.

Semantic Transaction History

Transactions by themselves are hard to understand or to parse. Daohub automatically infers from metadata and transaction context about who made the transaction and what changes took place.

Data Visualizations for Transactions

A tracking system for transactions, events, and dependencies. Visualizing state-changes and the instrinsic security properties of any application.

Technical Details

Cap9 Protocol

Compliance with the Cap9 operating system protocol for smart contract security

Open Source SDK

Open source developer tools and documentation available


Compatible with EVM and EWASM Applications


Direct support from the founders and core development team.

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